Stone Production is now located in the heart of Oslo. I provide different services in regards to sound production:

Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Composing, Session work and Foley.

I started out as a curious kid that wanted to play music, ranging

from a lot of different styles. This grew into the ability to play

different instruments like bass, guitar, keys, vocals, and drums.

Through most of my teenage years and into my twenties, all time was spent developing my ability as a musician and performing live. From this point on my interests shifted to the art of recording and producing music.


What really gets me going as an engineer/producer is to work with an artist or composer that has a strong vision. What that vision is in terms of sonic aesthetics, and preference towards recording is, be it clean, digital and quantized, or analog, dirty and alive, the artist will dictate the process that best fits for them. I love to work outside the box and try different processes that is fun and different. My main focus is getting the best possible sound out of each element, without compromising the performance and the production process. 

For the last 10 years I've studied this field in various institutions: Trøndertun, Noroff, HiHM, INN and Staffordshire University. 

While abroad in England I obtained my certificate as an Avid Pro Tools operator.

During my education, I've continued to play music in various bands, mainly as a bass player.

Christian Fredrik Holtsteen