• Christian F. Steen

Recording and Tracking Live!

Normally the approach for recording songs is done by tracking each individual of the band separately, starting with the drummer. The question then becomes the implementation of tempo maps or/and a click track for additional control of the production. This is an excellent way of producing records, to get everything working perfectly together in regards to the rhythmical aspects of the music, and working on sounds and the performance of each individual. However, this might not be the best approach in every possible scenario. I recently tracked the majority of band live in the studio, without a click and with few mics. While you might loose the traditionally preferred aspects of tracking one at the time, you also gain some features. Capturing players at the same time makes them play of each other, and the spontaneous creativity gets more room to come out. The process also goes a lot quicker since everyone is tracking at the same time. This sort of implies that the band needs to be well rehearsed, since the post-editing prosess should be kept to a minimum in regards to phase-issues. The band is called Irish Vikings, and they play irish traditional songs with a Norwegian Norse aesthetic. We finished 9 songs in two days, and the prosess was very pleasant. To finish things of, later sessions were set up, to track vocals, leads and overdubs. I really enjoy different perspectives in regards to producing music, where the aim is to adapt to the people you are working for.

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